January 2024 Giveaway, What a Start!

Welcome to 2024, we have a whole year ahead of us and we are striving to keep making the Academy better month by month so we wanted to start the year with an awesome giveaway. UFC 232 fight poster, Signed by every fighter, The night Jon jones defended his title, The night Amanda nunes best Chris cyborg and became double Champ

The iconic UFC 232 fight poster is a true keepsake for any fan of the sport! What makes this particular poster all the more remarkable? It was signed by every fighter who participated that night, making it an incredibly unique addition to any collection! It was a night of incredible highs as Jon Jones successfully defended his title, cementing his place at the very top of the UFC circuit. The night was also made memorable by the stunning performance of Amanda Nunes, who proved herself to be a true superstar of the sport by besting Chris Cyborg and becoming a double champion – an accomplishment that is sure to go down in the history books! With all of these incredible moments encapsulated in one poster, it is sure to be a cherished item for years to come.

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