MMA Near Me

MMA Near me? I am assuming you are looking to either get into, improve your skills or learn MMA. Let me introduce you to the Prospect Academy. We are a fully virtual MMA Academy. We have instructors who specialise in MMA, Boxing, Judo, BJJ, strength & conditioning, sports therapy, sports yoga and so much more. With our course/lesson style Academy you can track your progress which updates as you watch more videos from the comfort of your own home. As we are continually adding content your percentage on each course will be reduced each time so you will be aware that new material is available for you to learn.

MMA Near Me Progression

Why Prospect Academy?

We are here to help you progress in your MMA journey with instructors who are currently fighting in the UFC with their full MMA team which includes everything from Yoga and Sports Therapy to BJJ and Boxing. We offer:
  • Regular new high quality content
  • Video requests
  • Professional instructors across the spectrum
  • Community forum
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Benefit section
  • Backstage content
  • MMA belt keyring progression
  • Monthly giveaways
  • And so much more.

MMA Near Me No Matter Where You are

Because we are completely virtual, we are affordable and you can learn from anywhere with our high quality video learning platform. you can communicate with like minded individuals on similar journey’s and become part of a growing community. If you run into any trouble, need some physical advise you can reach out to our instructors in the community forum where they will help you out as much as possible.
MMA Learning Platform
We offer 2 different pricing packages to suit your needs and you can decide if you would like to pay monthly or yearly. We are sure you will be happy with us, but if you feel you no longer want to be part of the Academy you can cancel your subscription at any point. So what are you waiting for? So what are you waiting for? Join the Community Now!

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